6 String Acoustic Cigar Box Guitar

 193931509443379670 6 String Acoustic Cigar Box Guitar

hello and thank you for looking, what i have here is a cigar box guitar , it is a acoustic six string and is right handed,the box is cedar.with a vintage guitar neck.there is 1x1 bracing inside the box for support as well as blocking under the neck and the bridge.the bridge that came off the same guitar as the neck. all i did was cut it down the middle to make it a floating bridge and to fit this guitar. the distantce from the nut to the bridge is 19 inches but can be adjusted.there are 18 frets. the box is 10 1/2 by 6 and 1 3/4 deep,the distance from the nut to the center is12th fret is 10 1/2 inches, the over all length is 27 1/2 inches.making it small like a travel guitar.i have not glued the back on yet but there are 6 small screws that keep the back on,the reason is in case you want to install a pick up it will be easy to do just take out the screws and the back will come off.i have not stained the back yet, i will leave that up to you to decide on a pickup and color of the back ,the color of the box is natural with just a few coats of clear coat.maybe you can use this guitar or even hang it on a wall for display,there are some folk (classical) guitar strings on it that i had from the guitar that the neck and bridge came from so you may want to replace the strings with what you like.the bridge is a floating bridge and the height and position can be adjusted, the tail piece is fixed.screwed and glued. bid with confidence.thank you

 193931509443379671 6 String Acoustic Cigar Box Guitar
 193931509443379672 6 String Acoustic Cigar Box Guitar
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