Authentic Broom Wire 18 Gauge 20 Feet Long For Diddley Bow Or Cigar Box Guitar


“You get your wire off a broom handle. Just unwind it from around the handle and cut it off. . . . It’s funny the way you can take an ordinary broom wire, and it sounds like it’s near six-strings.”—Louis Dotson 2 pieces 10 foot broom wire, enough to make 6-8 Diddley Bows. THE INSTRUMENT SHOWN IS NOT FOR SALE (JUST THE WIRE IS) Here is the wire in action: 18 gauge wire is the same thickness as guitar A string or bass G string, except much harder and unwound. It will not scratch when sliding. Tunes low G-E Wire is sanded smooth is made spring steel and will not stretch. When tightening Diddley Bows especially with tuners or turnbuckles USE SAFTEY GLASSES! 18 gauge spring steel has unique qualities guitar string doesnt have when you bang it with a stick.

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