Cigar Box Guitar 3 String Video Lessons Cd 4 Bottleneck Slide Blues Keni Lee


NOTE: This video compact disc is formatted to play on your computer. It will play on a PC or Mac if you are able to support Windows media files (.wma format) or using Winamp (downloadable free online). This disc will NOT play on a television DVD player. How to Play Bottleneck Blues Guitar Series CD 4 How To Play 3 String Cigar Box Guitar (See CD 6 for How To Play 3 String Cigar Box Guitar Part 2) 1930 Depression Era Bottleneck Slide Guitar Watch the above video This CD is perfect for beginners as a fun and educational introduction to learning music and playing guitar. Building and playing homemade instruments out of cigar boxes became popularized during the Great Depression of the 1930s and was a starting point for many famous musicans like Blind Willie Johnson, Lightnin Hopkins, Charlie Christian, Carl Perkins, Jimi Hendrix, George Benson, Roy Clark... These video lessons are for a 3 string fretted instrument tuned G D G. Music tablature is included on the video. Lesson Descriptions: Lesson 1: Introduction, Tuning, Building or Purchasing a CBG, Dealers and Resources, Bottleneck slides and Finger picks Lesson 2: Understanding basic music theory, Exercises, Chromatic, major, and pentatonic blues scales on the first string, Adding a monotonic or alternating bass to a melody line, Interval movement, Song: Nobody's Fault but Mine Lesson 3: Scales on the second string, Comparing six string standard guitar to 3 string CBG, Major chord inversions, Doublestops, Harmonizing the major scale, Song: Sitting on Top of the World Lesson 4: 12 bar Blues progression, instrumental break Song: Sweet Home Chicago Example Lesson 5: Exotic scale from the East, Passing tones, Jamming with a practice track, Creating a theme or melody line, Improving timing and phrasing Lesson 6: Boogie woogie rhythm, Songs: Dust my Broom Example, Ramblin' On My Mind Example, Baby, Please Don't Go Lesson 7: Creating a pentatonic blues scale from the major scale, Passing tones, Third fret blues player's "buddy notes", Blues licks, Song: Rock Me Mama and instrumental solo breakdown Lesson 8: Song: Rollin' and Tumblin' Lesson 9A: Tempo control and timing, Song: Amazing Grace Lesson 9B: Expanding 3 string CBG to 6 string guitar, Open tuning relativity, Changing keys, Song: Amazing Grace (6 string arrangement) Lesson 10: Pentatonic blues scales in various positions, pentatonic doublestops, Blues licks, Ear training, Songs: Fred McDowell example, Show Me the Way to Go Home tablature Lesson 11: Suppliment A, 12 bar walking bass line Lesson 12: Suppliment B, 12 bar walking bass variations, doublestop fills Lesson 13: Suppliment C, Figuring out songs and creating your own arrangements, Song: Short'nin' Bread Lesson 14: Suppliment D, A cigar box guitar builder's guide to stringing and tuning Song Samples: Utilizing the information taught in the How to Play Bottleneck Blues Guitar Series (CDs 1 - 3) Recommended CD 1 makes an excellent addition to the lessons on CD 4. CD 1 contains lessons for a 6 string guitar tuned in Vestapol Tuning (aka Open D) but also contains additional Cigar Box guitar lessons, and explains in greater detail the theory and approach utilized to figure out and arrange songs on a Cigar Box guitar. Gaining a better understanding of Open Tunings and the interval relationship between strings makes it possible to apply your knowledge to any string instrument regardless of the number of strings. Understanding musical theory is the tool for expanding your musical creativity. You may pay with Paypal, my preferred method. Shipping in the USA is $4.00. Each additional CD is $3.00 International shipping is $5.50. Each additional CD is $4.00 All orders shipped First Class mail (no tracking). Here is some feedback I received about this CD. Letter from satisfied customer: "I must tell you, I've been playing reso for years and can play reasonably good slide style, but tended to play the same old thing over and over, and my theory is not great, just play what I feel is around the ether. I gleaned a wealth of detail and thoughtful explanation from cd 4 , it was satisfying to sit in bed late at night and play Nobodys Fault.... and Sittin' on top of the world on my cbg. When one works through the lessons diligently, the skills improves, and the joy." Thanks Great lessons. Must have for the novice cigar box guitar player. Brilliant, now ordering cd1, i knew should of got em together!! Sehr gut und schnell hi keni, having a great time here in the uk learning to play? cbg, using your vcd, i'd advise anyone new to cbg, to give it a go, really helps, keep up the good work. (from my Youtube page) Awesome!!!! Highly Recommended!!! absolutely loved it-i will look out for more excellent A+A+A+A+ Very pleased with the cd. Many thanks from a UK ebayer Great DVD Excellent Lessons. Thanks so Much. A++ Fast Shipping very fast shipping to scandinavia,exellent lessons once again. Wonderful stuff Keni, thanks for more great learning material! Dobro Resonator Resophonic Stella Parlor 1920 1930 Delta Mississippi National Robert Johnson Muddy Waters Blind Willie Johnson Charlie Patton Led Zepplin Duane Allman

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