Piezo-electric Pickup/jack Acoustic Guitar Or Cigar Box


Easily Amplify Your Acoustic Instrument or CIGAR BOX GUITAR with the RAT-TAIL PIEZO-ELECTRIC TRANSDUCER PICKUP Now featuring a Long Barrel Enclosed Jack! Longer threads enable installation in up to 1/4" thick material. UNCLE-BLUEZ Rat-Tail pickup contains a high quality Piezo Film Transducer embedded in a hardwood sound block with a self adhesive which attaches to the inside of your instrument. It brings out the original acoustic tone of your musical instrument by picking up the natural resonant vibrations and covering a much wider frequency range than a magnetic pickup. It includes a 9 inch lead wire and 1/4" jack as shown in the photo. Great for Cigar Box Guitar, Ukulele and many other acoustic instruments! Ready to install, instructions included ********************* FREE SHIPPING Anywhere in the United States by USPS First Class Mail

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